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Tintype Photography

Its kinda funny how I got into photography when it became digital and now after 25 years of being a photographer I've worked my way back to how photography started. Welcome to my world of tintype photography!

RIGHT NOW PLEASE EMAIL : to schedule a tin type session. You can also call 760 845 1983




Each month we will choose a day to do tintypes. On these dates you will be able to get 1 tintype photograph at a discounted price. There will be a limited amount of spots but we will plan to take on up to 30 tintype images on these special days. You must reserve your spot and we will give notice to these specials when they are planned. Our studio is in Oceanside, CA at 2001 South Coast Hwy.

4X5 TINTYPE $75 - normal price is $125 

6.5X 8.5 TINTYPE $100 - normal price is $175

Facts About Tintype Photography

What is a tintype photography?

How long does a tintype photo last? Your tintype photograph will last many generations and or hundreds of years! Longer than any medium of a photograph. A paper print of a photograph with injet will last 25 years if you take good care of it, a laser printed photograph will last 50 years. Image your tintype photo being around forever.

Why does the tintype last for so long?

 Think of your image being printed with silver and not ink. Think about anything that is silver. Think about a silver ring or necklace. The silver will never fade. It stays the same for hundreds of years. 

What is the resolution of the tintype images?

There are different sizes of tintype photos but the ones we are offering now are 4X5 inches and 8.5X6.5 inches. The tintype can be reproduced and printed even larger. Just like a 1 of a kind piece of art can be reproduced. 

Are tintype photos grainy?

No, your tintype photo is actually very crispy and free of grain. Unlike modern day digital cameras and film cameras. A low ISO (very little grain) is around 50, 80 and more likely 100 or 200 ISO. With tintype the ISO is .05 to 1 and it takes a lot of light to generate the image. Since the ISO is so low the grain is also very low and also lower than any modern day camera. 

When did tintype photography start, who invented it?

Tintype photography was invented in France in the 1850s by a man named Adolphe-Alexandre Martin. Tintypes saw the rise and fall of the American Civil War, and have persisted through the 20th century and into modern times.

How long do I have to stand still while getting my tintype photo taken?

In the studio we us very hight powered studio strobes while taking a photograph. It literally takes 1 second to take the image. If shooting outside in lower light, the sitting still time could be 3-4 or even up to 10 seconds of holding still. On a sunny day the sitting still time can 1-3 seconds.

How long does it take to make a tintype photograph?

From start to finish in order to get 1 image it takes 15-20 minutes all together to make the photograph. This image is taken very intentional, everything has to be perfect. All 20 minutes of the process require lots of attention to detail. At any moment of the 20 minutes - if a mistake is made it can cost the outcome of the image. It is so worth it to make this image.

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