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Here is my favorite photography gear that I have purchased and that I believe in very much. It makes my work as a photographer much easier. I am constantly looking for new equipment that works great for me and after many years of testing and researching I've found some of these products below that will help you. I will make a commission off anything you buy from my links below. Thanks for support! Buy through my link 


One of my main cameras for any shoot. For the money this is such a great cameo! Shoot 42 MP photos that look amazing. The flip out screen is a game changer for getting angles. The dual card slots so that you can capture your content to both of them will give you piece of mind - just in case - (Its a built in back up)The ability to switch over to Video shooting in 4K 60fps ( with a slight crop in) works so good to get buttery smooth video clips. 

I use this camera at every shoot and I shoot Hybrid a lot so I go from taking photos back to video all day at shoots. No camera I know of can work this good for the price. Check it out here : A7IV

I got this camera around 8-25-23. I've shot a couple weddings on it already and I have to say that I am really excited about this camera. I shoot photos and video. Sometimes both on a wedding day. I need a power house of a camera and I need it to be versatile for me. I love my A7iv and i was going to get another but decided that I would spend a bit more money and get some other features the a7IV did not have like 8K video which came in handy since I can crop in a lot and not lose quality in editing. I like the 61 MP raw files give me some freedome to crop around as well. As much as I will do my best to get it right in camera. Anyone that shoots a wedding knows that important moments happen very fast and having a camera that can be forgiving with the crop is always your friend!

Other reasons I love this camera so far is the face detection feature. It will lock onto faces that you decide to follow. It stumbled across this feature but at night with low light and focusing being a bit difficult this featured worked amazing!

The a7IV has a flip out screen but this A7RV has a flip out with an extra turn build in. I was not expecting this but it was really cool to have to get some lower anlges and the screen is a bit bigger too which is nice.  BUY IT HERE

This Instax Mini EVO was a camera both me and my wife (also a professional photographer) got so we could offer a little something extra for our couples we get to work with.

This instant camera is more than a camera but it is also a photo printer. The camera looks pretty darn cool, it takes decent photos and in a pinch you can use it to take a picture. We also use the camera as the printer since we can download a photograph from our pro cameras and upload to our phone and then use the MINI EVO app to print out a little photograph. 

I print out a photo or 2 for my couples on wedding days and just set it on their sweetheart table. It is a lil something extra for them and it has been a huge hit with some instant gratification. They get to see a really cool photo we just shot printed out and for them to keep forever. How cool! - Good price up front and priceless gesture for my clients. BUY HERE

I personally use these drives all the time. I have about 8 of them I use to back up, transfer files and I also work off them doing very large video edits and photo editing. These drives are fast and and they are durable. I have dropped one of these drives onto concrete from about 5 feet high and not even a scratch, the files were perfectly fine.

I suggest these drives to clients that want to back up there photos and videos. When I send a client their video RAW clips, this is my go to drive for them to use. Clients can store files and even view them through this drive. BUY HERE


I just got the best bag I've ever had! Think Tank FirstLight 46L+ Camera Backpack for Adventure Travel 


I like to have quite a bit of camera gear on me and I've searched for the perfect bage that can hold 4 cameras with lenses on them about 4 or 5 other lenses, small video lights, multiple audio mics and wire plus a ton more. I shoot photo and video plus film photography and this back pack holds it all very well! Its night light with all my gear but the straps are really comfy and this is my one and only bag that I take with me. I really love this bag!    Buy Here



A great flash for OFF CAMERA SYSTEM. I used this for years till I upgraded to a PROFOTO system that is more expensive. My AD200 is still my backup Off Camera Flash and I think it is a great Flash for doing all kinds of photo shoots!

Be sure to get the right wireless transmitter, I've put the link for the Sony transmitter since I use sony but there are transmitters for Canon and Nikon too, possibly other cameras.

There are a few other accessories I use for my OCF system. I use Mag Mod since it is small, its durable and does a great job with bouncing light, spreading light, it is a great light modifier in a lot of different situations.


The Cayer Carbon Fiber mono pod is great to attached your AD200 to with the Mag Mod Bounce I choose the monopod since a light stand or tripod is just too complicated to move around and be on the move at a wedding especially. I've used a monopod with large feet for years now on lots of terrain and so great to use! 


The bracket is so you can put the Godox Ad200 in and then attach the bracket to your monopod. Use the hardware piece too and you are set! Game changer!


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