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Here are some products that I have purchased, that I love and that I 100% recommend to anyone looking for the same type of things. I am always on the search for the best priced, quality and life changing products to use. Here they are below with links to purchase them. Thank you for the support! I will receive a commission if you purchase any of these products. Click this link to go to Amazon


I've had these TOZO brand ear buds now for years. I forgot when I even bought them, 2 or 3 years ago at least. I literally just found them somehow in my dryer. The had been through the wash and dryer! I lost them for about 4 months and was like wow! There they are again! I put them my ears and they still had a charge and worked perfectly fine. These are my go- to ear buds. - Hands down! - BUY HERE


I was looking for a good deal on a nice griddle. I researched all over and found this PIT BOSS 5 burner griddle. For some reason the griddle here has a cover but the one I got did not have one so be sure to get the one with a cover as I have had to make my own cover and YOU NEED a cover!

The griddle is something new to me as I am the guy that buys a new $300 gas burning grill every few years and throw the old one away. Griddle cooking is so cool! We've made breakfast outside, we can cook a ton of food on the griddle for parties and when we have guests. Basically its a big pan and the clean up is pretty easy too. I clean after every use and it takes me about 5 minutes. 

I am still finding new things to cook on it but it has been cooking the basics and more since I got it in July, 2023.


So i got the griddle but I still had dreams of making some amazing slow cooked meats. I had to have both for some reason and Im glad I do have em both now.  This little grill is perfect for our family of 3 and even with some guests over for dinner. 

I've made amazing corn, tri tip, hot dogs, burgers, and chicken so far. The Tri Tip was a 5 hours slow cook. This little pellet grill uses hardly any electricity and that was a reason why I got it too. I have it in my outside kitchen I've been building and we run an extension cord at the moment to get power so lower power unit was a must.

I actually paid $500 for this grill and its now $400 so Id for sure get one again even at $500. Im planning my BRISKET cook soon.. might be a 13 slow cook. Cant wait!

Toby Ogden with his Traeger Table Top Grill
Filling up my DIY cold plunge with a 14 cf chest freezer


I built a cold plunge in my backyard. I list all the products I used to build it and to make it work really well. One tip while making this cold plunge is to NOT use FLEXSEAL. I'm sure flexseal works great for other things but on this project it was a huge pain in the but since the flex seal started coming off into the water and ultimately I had to drain and do a hard scrub down that took hours to do. I will reseal with marine grade silicone sealant.


This little printer is a game changer! I am always on the search for tech that can really help me in life. I got this printer because I was tired of using my home printer for little things here and there. Shipping labels especially. I hooked this up to my phone in about 3 minutes, I print out a label in 8 seconds. No ink needed. Paper is 12 cents and for small print jobs for documents it is so seamless and easy. I am so happy I have one of these! Phomemo Portable Printer is going to help you in a big way.

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