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Here is my favorite video and camera gear that I have purchased and that I believe in very much. It makes my work as a film maker much easier. I am constantly looking for new equipment that works great for me and after many years of testing and researching I've found some of these products below that will help you. When you buy things through my link, I will get a commission, thanks so much for the support. I only hype up the products I really do love and use them myself! Please click this link to access Amazon.

w/ Wireless DJI Mic Combo Kit.

I got this and it's so fun to use. You get the DJI "Memo" app so when you clip your cell phone into the Gimbal The app can turn on and you can start using the gimbal right away. Get silky smooth looking shots of whatever you want and with the click of a button you can turn the camera to yourself and talk into the camera. With the DJI wireless lav, it will seamlessly connect and start recording perfect audio right into your phone. Upload your content to any social media or YouTube and you are creating content on the go. Go to your computer and airdrop all the footage into the computer so you can edit it with the program of your choice to do some heavier editing. I like the run and gun aspect of this unit. The iPhone takes great video the good audio from the DJI wireless Lav is pro level. The gimbal and the Mic are so compact you can bring it with you everywhere. Turn it all on in seconds and start capturing quality content. 


The price of this tripod is so worth it and I got rid of all the old tripods I had collected over the years and bought 3 of these tripods. They are small, they can get your camera up well over your head to get the higher angles. I use this tripod to film ceremonies at weddings I then use the same tripods to get some compact lights up high enough to illuminate people inside a dark room. These are the only tripods I use right now. Good price, compact, light, versatile and very effective.

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